How to wash your car like a Pro – 15 Best Tips + Bonus Tips

Are you an evangelist of DIY car wash? Well, why can’t you be? You have got the car, a pretty decent space to wash it, and of course your hands to do all the scrubbing and washing work. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to do it right. Often, car owners make small mistakes while wash

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State Minimum Car Insurance Requirements: Beginner’s Guide

State Minimum Car Insurance Requirements: Beginner’s Guide Auto insurance is certainly an upsetting topic and so are the complex state rules. That’s why we have brought for you a comprehensive guide in order to better understand the minimum state car insurance according to the law in your state

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15 ways to protect your car from rodents

Rats! We know they are cute. But they could also be hijackers… Are you like? “Come on! Rats are hijackers… That is nuts!” Well, they could actually be cracking a nut inside your car. Hundreds of cars are hijacked and destroyed every year by rodents in the U.S. alone. Recently, a car wa

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8 cool hacks to fix scratches on your car

Scratches and dents are inevitable and that’s a fact!! No matter how much you try not to get them on your beloved, you do get at least a few light ones here and there. It could be either that young kid who bumped his bicycle into your car by mistake or another car which hit you from behind at the

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10 hacks to keep your car organized and tidy

Are you irritated with organizing your car everyday and it’s seems a never ending itch for you… Not anymore! These tips will make things much easier and organized inside your car so that you can focus on spending the time while you are inside your car. 1. Place silicon muffin cups at the bottom

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Could this bag protect your car from a flood?

Image credit: Early morning on March 21, 2018, the south of California was hit by a powerful storm accompanied by heavy rain which left the rivers overflowing and the streets flooded. Water rescue team actively started helping and saving people caught in the flood. An

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20 ways to protect your car from sun and heat

Did you know that the temperature inside your car can go up to 145 degree Fahrenheit and the exterior temperature can go up to even 200 degree Fahrenheit when left under sun for longer period of time. And cars are not designed heatproof. Whether it is a new or used car, both needs care and protect

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15 Practical Reasons to Buy a Used car

As a used dealership, we know that our visitors are considering buying a used car. And that is why for our first post, we decided to write about the reasons you should buy a used car. After your home, your car might be the most expensive purchase you are considering making or you have made. And we

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